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  • Averson Insurance Agency can help you locate the best Homeowners Insurance to fit your budget and your needs.  Our focus is to first and foremost make sure that you are properly protected and then equally important we focus on getting you a fair price for that coverage!  Oh, and did we mention that we provide the best service available here in the Grand Rapids area!  Here are some things to consider when shopping for the best home insurance policy to fit your needs.

What does Homeowners insurance cover?

  • The dwelling-Many people confuse this one and think the dwelling should be insured for however much the house is worth, or what they just paid for it.  This is actually not at all how it works.  The dwelling is covered for what is called replacement cost.  Replacement cost is the amount it costs to rebuild the house new if lets say for example it were to burn to the ground.  In many cases the replacement cost is much higher than the market value of the home.  We have tools with each of our carriers that we use to make sure we can come up with the correct replacement cost to properly insure your home.
  • Additional Structures-Most policies come standard with 10% of your dwelling coverage amount.  If you simply own a 1, or 2 car unattached garage, or a small shed then this is probably all you need.  If you have a big pole barn, or something like that you may want to increase that to make sure your properly covered.
  • Personal Property-This covers everything inside the home.  We advise you always carry replacement cost on personal property coverage.  Most policies now days have it automatically on the policy.  
  • Additional Expenses-Provides additional coverage for expenses that incur while a claim is being settled, or property is being restored due to a claimable incident.  Things like hotel stays, etc… are covered if you can’t live in the house.
  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability-Personal liability provides payment of all the sums up to the selected limit the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of bodily injury (including personal injury) and property damage.   AAA’s definition.
  • Medical Payments to Others-Covers medical expenses of others outside of the home (not including insured’s) that arises due to the insured’s premise, or personal activities.  
This is a general idea of standard coverage on your home insurance policy.  Additional jewelry, guns, fine arts, water backup, etc.. coverage is available by endorsement as well.  It’s important to talk to us about everything rather than just assume your covered.  
Home Insurance Grand Rapids Mi - Averson Insurance Agency

What Discounts can I Get?

We all want a deal and that’s one of the things that Averson Insurance focuses on!  Discounts, discounts, discounts.  We uncover every discount available to you in order to make sure your getting the best rate available!  Here are some common ones to look at.

  •  Multi Policy Discounts-The more you bundle together, the more you save.  Look at adding your auto, home, motorcycles, boats, etc… all together with the same carrier if it’s at all possible.  At minimum make sure your insuring all of these products with the same agency!
  • New Roof-Make sure you let your agency know if you replace your roof.  This can save you $100 per year in some cases!
  • Home Security-This can save a few dollars as well.  It’s definitely worth adding to the policy.
  • Groups-Being and alumni member, or a credit union member may give you additional savings.
The list goes on and on, but this gives you an idea of some common discounts.  When we are asking you questions that seem ridiculous please be patient.  It may end uncovering savings you never imagined could happen!

Hopefully you’ve learned more about your homeowners insurance policy by spending some time with us on our website.  Hopefully you are ready to get some quotes with us at this time too!  We are located here in Grand Rapids, MI and are available in office by appointment, or by phone to help you.  You can fill out our online quote form, or call us if it’s easier and we can go through things together.  Whatever works best for you is what you should do.  Either way, we look forward to reviewing your insurance and hope to hear from you soon!

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