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 Car insurance Grand Rapids Mi

Averson Insurance an independent brokerage located in Grand Rapids, MI can shop the market for you to get the best car insurance rates.   We represent more than a half a dozen of Michigan’s top carriers and one phone call, or filling out our online quote form will get you quotes with all of them.  This is why Averson Insurance is in such a great position to help so many people here in Grand Rapids.  We represent you, helping you find the best rates, the best coverage and then also providing the best service.

Where were located:

Averson Insurance Agency

Averson Insurance Agency focuses on providing affordable car insurance rates and also the right coverage to fit your needs.  With Michigan’s new insurance laws going into effect on July 1, 2020 this will be even more important than ever.  Discussing what coverage options are available for your PIP (personal injury protection) and what options you are able to choose will be more important than ever.   Making the right choice is going to be vital to maintaining your financial security and making sure you protect yourself and your assets that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

What discounts are available in Grand Rapids?

The key to getting better car insurance rates is choosing an independent agent that can quote multiple carriers and also choosing an agency that knows how to find every discount available.  There are numerous discounts available to help bring the rates down and here is a list of some of them:

  1. Multi Policy (combine home, auto, boats, life insurance, motorcycles with the same carrier.)

  2. Groups (Alumni, Credit Unions, Employers) These are a few of the groups available.

  3. Good Student (if your child has over a 3.0 most carriers will give a good student discount.)

  4. Short Mileage (Make sure you let your agent know how many miles you drive per year)

  5. Claims free discounts apply to those who haven’t had an accident, or claim in the last 5 years.

  6. Good driving records (make sure to not get speeding tickets, or other violations to save even more!)

There are more discounts available and we always make sure to find them and get you the best rates!

What are the rating factors used to determine my Grand Rapids Car Insurance Rates?

  1. Location-Where you live plays a huge role in what your car insurance rates are.  In the Grand Rapids area it doesn’t fluctuate quite as much, but in some parts of the state just moving over one zip code can double your rates.

  2. Credit-This one takes some time, but Michigan is one of the states that uses credit, or credit based insurance scoring as a factor to determine your rates.  The difference between good credit and bad credit can double your rates.  If you have exceptional credit, there are a lot more well priced options available.  If you have bad credit, it is important to make sure you find an agency that has multiple companies to quote and also an agency that makes sure that every discount is being applied.  Not all insurance companies rely on credit as much as others.  Some companies won’t penalize you and will rely on how long you’ve been insured as well as driving record and claims history.

  3. Age-Teenage drivers are going to get hit the worse with rates as they have zero driving experience.  You can get those rates down quite a bit by making sure you get a drivers education discount and if it applies a good student discount.  Elderly also start to get charged more.  Not all carriers are competitive with senior citizens.  It’s important to shop around if your older and feel like your being over charged.

  4. Vehicles-Some vehicles cost more than others to insure. We always recommend to our customers to call us and compare quotes before purchasing a new vehicle.

There are many other factors that influence your rates, but these are some of the common ones that are easily understood.

If you’ve read this far, hopefully you find Averson Insurance helpful in your journey to finding better car insurance rates.  Feel free to browse around our learning center and look at various articles that can help further educate you.  Homeowners should read up on home insurance with Averson Insurance as well.  Remember, bundling will save you the most money!  If you really want to get in depth information and a thorough review of your insurance click the get quotes button above and fill out our simple online quote form.  You will compare quotes with multiple car insurance carriers that are very competitive in the Grand Rapids area.  We look forward to hearing from you soon and appreciate your time!

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